Potential Countries for Business Expansion

world mapWith the exponential rise in globalization, it has become difficult for a company to thrive without a significant global presence. Most companies are considering investment in the developing economies. The three countries that have shown significant economic growth in the recent past are; India, Brazil, and China. This article would include a brief evaluation of the economic, social, and technological environment of these countries.


India is one of those economies in the world that have shown an exponential rise in economic development in a very short period of time. A number of companies with significant global presence are establishing their operations in India. There are a number of factors that have influenced the pace of economic development in India. Some of those factors include; availability of skilled labor at a reasonable price, availability of resources, and a welcoming attitude to foreign investments.

Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace therefore the economic environment of the country can help a business earn higher revenues. Indian economy is very friendly to foreign investment and there are potential tax credits available for the international businesses. The human resource available in India is skilled and easily available. Continue reading